Darlene Brooks Hedstrom

From the Nile to the Desert and Back

At theASOR Annual Meeting, Darlene Brookes Hedstrom, of Wittenberg University, met with ASORtv to present her paper, “From the Nile to the Desert and Back: Writing a New History of Egyptian Monastic Site Formation.” She first presented her […]

Jody Gordon ASOR AM Mini Alexandrias

Mini-Alexandrias or Local Continuity? [VIDEO]

Anyone who has ever been to a conference knows how difficult it can be to eat, let alone fit in all the things you want to do. That’s why we at ASOR are so grateful to all of the volunteers who took time during theASOR Annual Meeting to meet […]

Fathia Gaber Ebrahim

Inscribed Statue Bases from Ptolemaic Alexandria

In spite of the fact that most of the ancient Alexandrian sculptures have been lost due to several factors, the Alexandrian soil has still yielded a considerable number of statue bases, which were discovered scattered in different parts of the city. B. Tkaczow, […]

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Life and Happiness: A Petitionary Reading of the Horizontal Wadi el-Hôl Inscription

At theASOR Annual Meeting, Aren Wilson-Wright presented his paper, “Life and Happiness: A Petitionary Reading of the Horizontal Wadi el-Hôl Inscription.” He also took the […]

Screen Shot 01-23 at 10.58.48 AM

Pathologies by the Bone: Making Meaning from Commingled Remains

At theASOR Annual Meeting, Debra Martin presented the paper, “Pathologies by the Bone: Making Meaning from Commingled Remains at Tell Abraq, UAE (2200–2000 BCE),” during the session on mortuary perspectives […]

Screen Shot 01-16 at 8.06.01 AM

Kani Shaie: An Early Bronze Age Center in the Bazyan Valley, Sulaimaniya

At theASOR Annual Meeting, Steve Renette presented the paper, “Kani Shaie: An Early Bronze Age Center in the Bazyan Valley, Sulaymaniyah,” during the Archaeology of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq […]

Screen Shot 01-12 at 8.20.46 AM

Transcendent Occultation of the Divine in Neo-Babylonian Art [VIDEO]

At theASOR Annual Meeting in San Diego, Constance Gane chaired the Archaeology of Mesopotamia session. This session had submissions in all areas illuminated by archaeology that relate to the material […]

2014 top video

Most Popular ASORtv Videos

ASORtv now has more than 45 videos available to the public for free. We will continue to upload great content throughout. As we prepare to post more videos, let’s take a look back at the five most popular videos. What was your […]

Pamela Koulianos

Beyond Ceramic Unguentaria

At theASOR Annual Meeting, Pamela Koulianos (North Carolina State University) presented her paper, “Beyond Ceramic Unguentaria: A Closer Look at Late Antique Trade of Glass Unguentaria […]


2014 ASOR Annual Meeting Plenary Address: Jason Ur [VIDEO]

TheASOR Annual Meeting was held in sunny San Diego this year. It was a nice break for the staff from the encroaching cold weather in Boston. The meeting had many great events […]


Roast and Toast of Retiring Albright Director, Sy Gitin [Video]

At theASOR Annual Meeting, we gathered to celebrate the career of Sy Gitin. Sy became director of the Albright Institute (formerly) […]


Ask an Archaeologist: Adam Aja - Harvard Semitic Museum

While at the Semitic Museum at Harvard, Ask an Archaeologist also spoke to Dr. Adam Aja, the Assistant Curator of Collections at the Museum and Assistant Director of Harvard’s expedition at Ashkelon in Israel. [See our interviews with Dr. Joe Greene and Dr. Stephen Bourke] We asked Dr. Aja questions we received from children attending Archaeology […]


Ask an Archaeologist: Dr. Stephen Bourke

On our trip to the Semitic Museum,  Ask an Archaeologist posed one of it’s more colorful questions to Dr. Greene and Dr. Aja: What do you do when someone breaks a fossil?  Do you beat them up and fire them? While Archaeologists don’t often work with fossils, there was someone working at the Semitic Museum who had […]


“Cultural Heritage Protection in Zones of Armed Conflict: Lessons Learned and Future Strategies” with C. Brian Rose (Video)

ASOR is delighted to have the opportunity to share a video of the Plenary Address given at ourAnnual Meeting by C. Brian Rose. The video can be found at the bottom of this post. Rose is the James B. Pritchard Professor of Archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania, a past president of the […]


5 Reasons to Become a Friend of ASOR

In early, the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) created Friends of ASOR (FOA). Friends of ASOR are people interested in archaeological and historical research in the eastern Mediterranean. Since being founded in 1900, ASOR has supported and encouraged the study of the cultures and history of the Near East, from the earliest times […]


Mapping Ancient Canal Systems in Khuzistan

At the ASOR Annual Meeting Mehrnoush Soroush presented the paper “Mapping Ancient Canal Systems in Khuzistan: A Critical Application of Site-Canal Association Technique.” She agreed to come in and record the presentation for the ASOR YouTube channel ASORtv. Below is an abstract of the presentation and the embedded video of the paper. Enjoy! Mapping Ancient Canal Systems in […]


10 Career Tips From ASOR Members

ASOR’s membership spans across many fields of study. We’re fortunate to have historians, geologists, archaeologists, and so many more among our ranks. Every year, we come together to discuss discoveries in the field and our research at the ASOR Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting is not only a place to present scholarly work, but also […]


Agnès Garcia-Ventura Kicks Off theASOR Annual Meeting Session Videos

This year, at theASOR Annual Meeting, we decided to try something new. We asked for volunteers to come in and reread their papers on camera. Our goal was to promote all the great academic content that can be experienced every year at the ASOR Annual Meeting. The idea was well received, and in […]


Archaeology Weekly Roundup! 9-27-13

If you missed anything from the ASOR facebook or twitter pages this week, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up some of this week’s archaeology news into one convenient post. If we missed any major archaeological stories from this week, feel free to let us know in the comment section! Spectacular tombs from the early Middle Ages […]


ASORtv: How the Grants Help

When ASOR Director Andy Vaughn traveled to Israel and Jordan in, he met up with recipients of the Platt and Heritage Fellowships. He asked them three questions… What is the most exciting thing to happen on a dig? How has this grant helped you? What is the strangest and/or toughest thing to happen on a dig? In this […]