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This blog is intended to facilitate ASOR’s mission “to initiate, encourage and support research into, and public understanding of the cultures and history of the Near East from the earliest times.” We welcome submissions that would be of interest to ASOR members and others interested in the Ancient Near East. We post on a range of topics from the archaeology and epigraphy of the Ancient Middle East, to current cultural heritage issues, and recent findings.

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Posts need to be at least 500 words in length, contain one or more pictures, and may include an embedded video if desired. We are able to accommodate footnoting as well. Please look at previous posts for an idea of the content we typically host. We do not accept posts that contain offensive or derogatory material, or personal or ad hominem attacks.

ASOR membership is normally required for submission of primary posts to the ASOR Blog. We encourage everyone to follow the ASOR Blog, and anyone (regardless of ASOR membership) may post responses to primary posts. Regardless of whether or not you are an ASOR member, we hope that you will sign up for FREE as a Friend of ASOR to give you full access to the ASOR Blog and the monthly e-newsletter, the Ancient Near East Today.

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The Ancient Near East Today is our monthly e-newsletter designed to deliver short articles on topical ideas, insights, and discoveries to the public through our Friends of ASOR initiative. Articles appear first on the ASOR Blog, and are then pushed out to almost 10,000 subscribers.

The Ancient Near East Today is always looking for new contributing authors. Articles should be 800 – 1,200 words in length, be written at an accessible, non-technical level, and include at least two relevant images with captions. If you have something to say about a recent excavation or research project, wrote or reviewed a recent publication related to the ancient Near East, have some scholarly insights on related current events, or just have an idea for an engaging and interesting article – let us know!

The Ancient Near East Today has published articles on topics ranging from prehistoric Jordan to Apocryphal literature, site destruction in Egypt to new digital archaeology methods, and from Mediterranean tsunamis to the politics of archaeology in Iran. Our contributions have ranged geographically from Afghanistan to North Africa. We have a particular interest in highlighting the impact of contemporary conflicts, including site destruction, looting and antiquities trading, in addition to archaeological, historical, and textual studies. We have also been pleased to feature contributions from established scholars and advanced graduate students alike. On occasion we even preview pieces from the journal Near Eastern Archaeology.