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Illustrated Lectures
Sites and Finds
Gallery Slideshows of Images from Near Eastern Archaeology Magazine

Illustrated Lectures

  • Sarah Parcak: Archeology from space – University of Alabama archaeologist Sarah Parcak explains the use of satellite imagery for locating archaeological sites.
  • Everyday Life from the Archaeological Record: Prof. Aren Maeir – Aren Maeir of Bar Ilan University explains some types of finds related food and cooking.
  • Archaeology of Israel (1/2)
  • Archaeology of Israel (2/2) Interview with Ami Mazar – Ami Mazar, emeritus professor of archaeology at Hebrew University, discusses the development of Biblical Archeology and changing concepts of ancient Israel. In Hebrew
  • Ashkelon: Seaport of the Philistines – Harvard University professor Lawrence Stager discusses finds from his long-term excavations at the site of Ashkelon.
  • Archaeology & the Bible (1/2)
  • Archaeology & the Bible (2/2) – Interview with Tel Aviv University professor Israel Finkelstein explaining his approach to archaeology and its relationship with Biblical texts. In Hebrew.

Sites and Finds

  • The Givati Parking Lot Excavation- City of David – Shows the excavations south of the Old City.
  • Smithsonian Institution Excavations at Tel Jemmeh, Israel, 1970 – 1973 – A silent film shot showing excavations at various parts of the site.
  • In-Depth Exploration of The City of David in Jerusalem – A tour through recent excavations in the City of David including underground areas.
  • Archaeology in Israel: The important archaeological work of the Israel Antiquities Authority – An overview of the operations of the Israel Antiquities Authority.
  • Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library – Digitizing the Dead Sea Scrolls is revealing new information and widening access.
  • Dead Sea Scrolls Digitization: The monumental task of making the Scrolls available on the internet – The practical and technical challenges of digitizing the Dead Sea Scroll archives.
  • Biblical Archaeology from the Air – An aerial view of Jerusalem, focusing on the Old City.
  • Gold Hoard from Ramla, Israel: A documentary – Discusses the discovery of a Fatimid gold hoard in a jar during salvage excavations near Ramla.
  • “Pure For God” Ancient Token from the Temple – A seal impression from the Second Temple period found along the Western Wall of the Temple Mount.
  • In Focus: Abel Beth Maacah – An introduction to the Bronze and Iron Age site of Abel Beth Maacah in northern Israel.
  • Deep Time at Tall Hisban, Jordan – Illustrates various excavations and finds at Tall Hisban, southwest of Amman, dating from the Bronze Age through the Mamluk period.

Gallery Slideshows from Near Eastern Archaeology Magazine

  • Tel Hazor Iron I and Iron IIa Ages Photo Gallery – A gallery of all the images that appear in issue 76.2 of Near Eastern Archaeology magazine. Smaller versions of some of the images also appear in the article, “Hazor in the Tenth Century BCE” on the ASOR Blog / Ancient Near East Today.
  • Tel Hazor Bronze Age Photo Gallery – A gallery of all the images that appear in issue 76.2 of Near Eastern Archaeologymagazine.


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