Editor’s Picks: The 10 Most Influential BASOR Articles

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BASOR-updatedcoverWe’re celebrating the release of the first issue of the new and expanded Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research this month with free access to the Editor’s list of the ten most influential articles from BASOR’s long history. Just click the links below to go through and read the articles, which are available for free until July 30.

10. ‘An MB II Orthostat Building at Tel Kabri, Israel’ by Yasur-Landau et al. from BASOR 367: 1-29. Go here to access it for free!

9.  ‘The Early Alphabetic Inscriptions from Sinai and their Decipherment’ by W.F. Albright from BASOR 110 (1948) 6-22. Go here to access it for free!

8.  ‘Peasants, Pastoralists, and “Pax Romana”: A Different View’ by S. Thomas Parker from BASOR 265 (1987) 35-51. Go here to access it for free!

 7. ‘The Emergence of Orientalizing in Greek Art: Some Observations on the Interchange between Greeks and Phoenicians in the Eighth and Seventh Centuries B. C.’ by Glenn Markoe, BASOR 301 (1996) 47-67.  Go here to access it for free! 

6. ‘Egypt and Canaan during the Middle Bronze Age‘ by Manfred Bietak, BASOR 281 (1991): 27-72. Go here to access it for free! (more…)

8 Comments for : Editor’s Picks: The 10 Most Influential BASOR Articles
    • June 28

    Can you say what criteria are used to decide what "most influential articles" means? Is it citation analysis? Hits/downloads at JSTOR? Something else?



      • July 1

      Hi Chuck, the articles were chosen by BASOR's editor as being the most influential.

    • June 29

    Artical #1 in the least isn't free!

      • July 1

      Hi David, Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We're working to fix the problem now.

        • July 2

        Hi David, The problem is now fixed and you should be able to read the article.

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