NEA 75.2 (June) Letter from the Editor -Issue Available Online on JSTOR

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The latest issue of Near Eastern Archaeology is available now on JSTOR! Check it out here.

From the Editor

It gives me great pleasure, as the new Editor of Near Eastern Archaeology, to present the June issue of the journal. Publishing Near Eastern Archaeology continues to be both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is to present, in single issues of just 64 pages, snapshots of the different civilizations of this vast area through the several millennia of their history and of the diversity of modern scholarship. Is there anything like an “ancient Near East,” defined by similar ideas and embraced by a common past? How can we hope to understand those cultures in light of the fragmentary nature of the evidence and our different modern mentalities? How do we inform our readers in a meaningful and accessible way of the controversial debates and the often highly specialized scholarly methods and approaches? (more…)