Platt Fellow Jacob Moody Describes his Summer at Tall Jalul

Thanks to the Platt fellowship program I was able to go to Tall Jalul this past summer and have a wonderful six weeks participating in the excavations there. This past season not only added to my field experience and overall understanding of archaeology, but it opened doors for personal research opportunities, allowed me to learn more of the technological side of things, and provided me with an unforgettable cultural experience.

Having been to Tall Jalul the previous year, returning felt like coming back to a home away from home. While I slipped easily back into the routine of early mornings, second breakfasts, long days, pottery washing/reading, and supervising squares, this year presented new challenges and learning experiences. I was put in charge of all of the GPS/GIS equipment and their proper use; worked extensively with registering the objects; and supervised a new field.
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