ASOR Heritage Fellowship: Supporting Nautical Archaeology

One of the seven-ton column drums comes to the surface

Receiving the Heritage Fellowship from ASOR made an incredible difference for me as a graduate student in Nautical Archaeology. Funding through my university for field work is very limited, and is typically only awarded to PhD students pursuing their own research. As a Master’s student, I wanted to continue to get more experience working as a part of an excavation team at the Kizilburun Shipwreck before heading out on my own, and the Heritage Fellowship made that possible.

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Heritage Grant Recipient Marilyn Cassedy Describes her Experiences During the Final Excavation Season at the Kizilburun Column-Carrying Shipwreck, Turkey

One of the six-ton column drums comes to the surface.

This summer I was able to travel to Turkey to participate in the final season of excavation at the Kizilburun column-carrying shipwreck as a direct result of the ASOR Heritage Grant I was awarded. Because of the high cost of running an underwater excavation from a remote location, project directors typically require students to pay for their own travel to and from the site. The remoteness of this project served also to increase travel costs for interested participants. As a result of these expenses, I was one of only two students able to join the excavation team this summer.
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