CALL FOR PAPERS: Tell en-Nasbeh after 85 Years at the 2011 ASOR Annual Meeting

CALL FOR PAPERS: Tell en-Nasbeh after 85 Years
ASOR Annual Meeting, November 16-19 , 2011, San Francisco, CA

The excavation of Tell en-Nasbeh, begun in 1926 by William F. Bade of Pacific School of Religion, and carried out over five seasons through 1935, was one of ASOR’s earliest affiliated archaeological projects, and was supported by some of ASOR’s early founders, such as W. F. Albright. The site contained primarily Iron I-II deposits, as well as material from the Early Bronze I and Persian into Roman eras. While the Iron Age deposits were the most extensive found, they were also relatively shallow, and, combined with the rather rapid and rough excavation methods of the time, allowed the excavation of approximately two thirds of the site, much of it to bedrock. This allowed for the unparalleled recovery of much of the Iron Age town plan, its fortifications, and many artifacts. Approximately 60 tombs were excavated as well. While archaeological excavation, recording, and publication techniques and standards have greatly improved over the last 85 years, the Tell en-Nasbeh excavation data continue to provide rich resources for scholars interested in the periods uncovered at the site. The aim of this session is to allow scholars who continue to draw upon the Tell en-Nasbeh material to present some of the fruits of their labor.

If you would like to present a paper related in some way to Tell en-Nasbeh please contact the session co-chairs (below). The deadline for submission of abstracts is February 15, 2011. Membership in ASOR is required to present at the annual meeting. For membership information go to: . For information on registering for the meetings go to: Other information about the annual meeting is available on the ASOR web site

Jeffrey R. Zorn
Cornell University

Aaron Brody
Pacific School of Religion