Heritage Grant Recipients Peter Cobb and Kyle Egerer Describe Their Summer with the Central Lydia Archaeological Survey (CLAS) in Western Turkey

Kyle Egerer (foreground) and Peter Cobb (background left) with fellow CLAS team member Bradley Sekedat, conducting an architectural survey of a school house located in Eski Hacıveliler, Turkey.

We each received the ASOR Heritage Fellowship for the 2011 summer field season in Anatolia. We both participated in the Central Lydia Archaeological Survey (CLAS) in western Turkey, on the shores of the Gygaean Lake (modern Marmara Gölü), north of ancient Sardis (modern Sart). The CLAS project is co-directed by Christopher Roosevelt and Christina Luke of Boston University, and we would like to thank them for the opportunity to be a part of this research. We are also very thankful for the hospitality we received from the villagers in TekelioÄŸlu, the CLAS project’s host village. The residents of Tekelioğlu made us feel at home in the beautiful landscape of Lydia while ensuring we had our fill of the world’s best olive oil!
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