Afghan Cultural Heritage ANET May

Professional Education for Afghan Cultural Heritage Faculty at the University of Arizona

Archaeologists estimate there are more than 5000 archaeological sites in Afghanistan, but not all have been identified. And after three decades of war and neglect, Afghan sites and artifacts […]

Valerie Schlegel at an excavation.

Breaking In: Women’s Representation in Archaeology

By: Valerie Schlegel Undergraduate Judaic Studies Major at The University of Arizona March is Women’s History Month, which highlights the achievements women have made in a variety of disciplines. When thinking about women in the field of archeology, one wonders how often are women found in leadership positions. To answer this question, I have been […]

Dr. Beth Alpert Nakhai (center) at the Initiative on the Status of Women Lunch at the 2013 ASOR Annual Meeting.

Women on ASOR’s Board of Trustees

By: Beth Alpert Nakhai, Ph.D. Arizona Center for Judaic Studies The University of Arizona Marshall 420; 845 N. Park Ave. Tucson, AZ   85721 The last several decades have been ones of introspection for professional women, as they look to where they have been in their various vocations – and of activism, as they work to […]

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