Map of Assyrian Empire.

When were the Israelites? Understanding Israelite Identity in the Pre-Exilic Period

Scholars have long asked, “Who were the Israelites?” Less frequent is the question, “When were the Israelites?”


The Land Between the Two Rivers: Early Israelite Identities in Transjordan

By: Thomas Petter, Associate Professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Were there Israelites in Transjordan in the early Iron Age? How would we know from archaeology? Or if not Israelites (and Moabites), whom should we be looking for? The task of plotting identities in the past is tricky business. It becomes even more problematic when opinions diverge […]

Fig. 2 Kiepert Map.

Jalul in the 19th Century Explorer’s Accounts

By: Paul J. Ray, Constance E. Gane, and Randall W. Younker Institute of Archaeology Andrews University The Bronze and Iron Age site of Tall Jalūl, in central Jordan, has been excavated since 1992, yielding an impressive array of domestic and administrative buildings; remnants of an Iron Age II gate, with superimposed roadways leading to it; […]

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