Egyptian Pigment Palette

Green Pigments: Exploring Changes in the Egyptian Pigment Palette [VIDEO]

From the Late to Roman Periods (712 BCE–364 CE) through Multispectral Imaging and Technical Analysis. Caroline Roberts was nice enough to volunteer to present her paper for ASORtv. This paper looks at […]

Jeffrey Zorn Ancient Storage Bins

Bin There, Done That: Storage Bins at Tell en-Nasbeh and the Role of the State

At the 2014 ASOR Annual Meeting, Jeffrey Zorn of Cornell University presented his paper, “Bin There, Done That: Storage Bins at Tell en-Nasbeh and the Role of the State,” during the Archaeology of […]

Reconstructed Nazareth Village synagogue today.

Did Jesus Celebrate Passover in Sepphoris?

By: Dr. Eric M. Meyers Archaeologist and Duke University professor The question of whether Jesus celebrated Passover in Sepphoris is related to the larger question of why Sepphoris is not mentioned in the New Testament. As many of our readers must know, Sepphoris is only 5 kilometers from nearby Nazareth. When Sepphoris became the capital […]

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