Tim Harrison Sea Peoples Tayinat

Sea Peoples in North Syria and the Mediterranean Coast

Who were the Philistines? The Israelites’ greatest enemy, and their relationship to the Sea Peoples at the end of the Late Bronze Age, continues to fascinate scholars and the public alike. But new interpretations of […]

Reconstruction of a four-room house.

The Bible, Archaeology, and the History of Early Israel

The problem of the relationship between the Bible and archaeology is an old one, and archaeological trends over the last several decades have shifted away from using the Bible. For those working in biblical or Near Eastern studies, however, the question […]

Tentative drawing of the Izbet Sartah Ostracon (BEC)

The Lost Link: The Alphabet in the Hands of the Early Israelites

We received this post from ASOR Friend and NEA subscriber Brian Colless, and he asked us to pass it along to the readers of the ASOR Blog. We are happy to do so and encourage you to comment on the post. By: Brian E. Colless Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand I have just made […]


Hogging the Attention: Cuisine and Culture in Ancient Israel

By: Edward F. Maher The Iron Age of Ancient Israel (1200 – 586 BCE) includes the rise and decline of two well known cultural groups. The interactions between Israel and their nemesis the Philistines are described in the Old Testament that emphasized the differences between their cultures, heritage, and general ways of life. One of […]

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