Jeffrey Zorn Ancient Storage Bins

Bin There, Done That: Storage Bins at Tell en-Nasbeh and the Role of the State

At the 2014 ASOR Annual Meeting, Jeffrey Zorn of Cornell University presented his paper, “Bin There, Done That: Storage Bins at Tell en-Nasbeh and the Role of the State,” during the Archaeology of […]


The early bronze age Çadır höyük Metals in the Context of Central Anatolian Metallurgy [VIDEO]

Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel ASORtv! Just click the subscribe button below!   Every year at the ASOR Annual Meeting, the Projects on Parade Poster Session takes place. It’s an ideal opportunity to see the types of projects (both field and publication) that ASOR members are involved with. At the 2013 ASOR Annual Meeting,  Stefano […]


Temples and Temple-Builders at Early Bronze Age Megiddo

Tel Megiddo lies in the heart of the Jezreel Valley, Israel, at the hub international roads between Egypt and Syria. In this abridged version of a piece from Near Eastern Archaeology, Adams and his colleagues discuss one of the most recent important finds at Megiddo, the ‘Great Temple’ of the fourth millennium BCE, and the […]

The archaeological UAV and Morag Kersel.

Landscapes of the Dead

Landscapes of the Dead: Aerial and Pedestrian Site Monitoring at Fifa, an Early Bronze Age Cemetery on the Dead Sea Plain, Jordan By: Morag M. Kersel, Department of Anthropology, DePaul University The primary objective of the Landscapes of the Dead Research Project is to assess (through aerial photography and a pedestrian survey) the Early Bronze […]

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