NEA 73.2-3 (special issue on the archaeology of Lebanon) available online for subscribers

ASOR is pleased to announce that NEA 73.2-3 (June/September 2010) has now been posted online at Atypon Link. This double issue is 144 pages and focuses on the archaeology of Lebanon. This issue (and almost 4 years of back issues) is available to online subscribers of NEA and to ASOR members who have chosen an online subscription as part of their membership.

The issue contains articles by Jeanine Abdul Massih, Gassia Artin, Jean-Paul Thalmann, Hermann Genz, Claude Doumet-Serhal, Hélène Sader and Jens Kamlah, María Eugenia Aubet, Josette Elayi, Zeina Haddad, Ibrahim Noureddine, Suzy Hakimian, Leila Badre, Lina G. Tahan, and Neil Asher Silberman. There are also reviews by Sharon Zuckerman, Louise Steel, Kevin Butcher, and Benjamin W. Porter.

You may access the table of contents here:

As a reminder, the last 4 years of ASOR journals are available to ASOR members on Atypon Link. For details, please see the following URL:

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