BASOR 358 (May 2010) available online for subscribers

ASOR is pleased to announce that BASOR 358 (May 2010) has now been posted online at Atypon Link. This issue (and 3+ years of back issues) is available to BASOR online subscribers and members who have chosen an online subscription as part of their membership.

You may access the table of contents for free here (members and subscribers will have complete access):

The issue contains articles by Bradley J. Parker and Jason R. Kennedy, Jonathan S. Greer, Marcus Rautman, and Jodi Magness.

As a reminder, the last 3+ years of ASOR journals are available to ASOR members who have chosen an online subscription on Atypon Link. For details on ASOR membership and how to get access to BASOR, JCS, and NEA, please see the following URL:

2 thoughts on “BASOR 358 (May 2010) available online for subscribers

  1. why was i denied access to read a review of ahituv’s book in your latest issue?

  2. Thanks for your question and interest in the online edition of BASOR. Your membership expired on June 30, 2010, and so access to Atypon site expired on that date. When you renew your membership (if you choose an online subscription), your access to online editions of BASOR will resume.

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