Free JSTOR Access and New NEA!

There’s a week left to access the full runs of all of ASOR’s three journals though JSTOR, so if you haven’t signed up, do it now! Click the button in our sidebar or click here to go to JSTOR and get free access to all our journals.

And now the latest issue of NEA is online as well. Sign up or sign in to check out NEA 75.1 before the print copies have even reached their destinations!

Please take the time to check out our publications for free! If you enjoy them during the month of the April please consider subscribing or becoming a member, both of which are great ways to continue your access after this promotion ends.  You can join ASOR by following the links at

Instructions for Users

To access the current content of Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, Near Eastern Archaeology, and the Journal of Cuneiform Studies follow this access link.

- You will be directed to the Login/Register for MyJSTOR page.

- Complete the required fields to register a unique username and password. A unique email address is required, but the email address may be of any type (Gmail, Hotmail, a institution-issued account, etc.). If you already have a MyJSTOR account, please click on the Login link next to the JSTOR Logo in the top-right corner of the page to register your existing account through this promotion.

- Click “Submit” to register your account. You will be redirected to the JSTOR home page and should see “Your access to JSTOR provided by The American Schools of Oriental Research” under the JSTOR logo. You may now browse the titles or access them directly using the following URLs:

Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (

Near Eastern Archaeology (

Journal of Cuneiform Studies (

For subsequent access, please go directly to and select “Login” at the top of the page to enter JSTOR with your username and password. Note that you may access JSTOR via this account from any location.

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