ASOR Funding for Regional Lectures

Exciting New Funding Opportunity from ASOR

The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) has recently decided to allocate funds in support of members who are organizing lectures and events throughout the year. The decision is prompted by an interest in increasing ASOR presence in events throughout the year and in promoting ASOR’s mission of public outreach.

Preference will be given to proposals for special programming at the regional meetings (including co-sponsoring a regional lecture event) that enhance ASOR membership and visibility, as well as to proposals for lectures/events beyond the regional meetings that promise to attract an audience of potential new ASOR members.

Preference is given to proposals for $500, but the committee will consider proposals for smaller or larger amounts.  The award of the funds carries the obligation that the host acknowledge the support of ASOR, provide a short description of some of ASOR’s principal projects, and designate a space where ASOR materials can be exhibited.

The funds will be awarded in keeping with these criteria and according to the following timeline:

  • April 10: Deadline for first round of proposals.
  • June 1: Deadline for second round of proposals, depending on amount of remaining funds.
  • October 1: Deadline for third review of proposal. Award of remaining funds.

Proposals that were not funded in the preceding round will be considered in the following round.

Please submit your short proposals (150 words or less), with description of the event and a budget, before midnight of the respective date to Britta Abeln (

If you have questions, please contact Jacob L. Wright ( or Suzanne Richard (

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