ASOR Heritage Fellowship: Supporting Student Research in Jordan

Monique, center, behind scale

This past summer I received a Heritage Fellowship to carry out excavation and research in Amman, Jordan. I had applied for this fellowship for assistance with airfare and living costs while in Jordan, and described the necessity of working in Jordan for my dissertation research. I excavated at Tall al-‘Umayri’s Iron Age settlement, which forms the basis of my dissertation on households and community at ‘Umayri.

The summer’s work was productive for my archaeological goals, and time spent at the American Center of Oriental Research’s library afterwards was also helpful in furthering my studies. The ability to interact with other researchers and fellows staying at ACOR stimulated conversations about the various approaches to household archaeology and helped me while constructing my research design.

In November I was able to present some of the results of the excavations and research at the ASOR annual meeting in San Francisco, putting me in touch with more researchers, parallels, and ideas. Receiving funding like the Heritage Fellowship is crucial to providing access to travel and excavations for research and I appreciate the assistance of this fellowship and its donors.

-Monique D. Vincent, University of Chicago, 2011 Heritage Fellow


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