March Fellowship Madness Update!

We’re a week and a half into March Fellowship Madness and we’re making great progress! So far 39 generous donors have given a total of $5,055 for fellowships!

We have raised money for 5 additional fellowships and have reached a quarter of our goal of $20,000.

Can you help us meet that goal?

The ASOR summer fellowships are so important to students and can often be the difference between joining a project and staying home. These fellowships also often lay the groundwork for dissertation projects or connections that are crucial to a student’s future career. Help us keep up the momentum and support young archaeologists in the field! Please donate today.

The ASOR Heritage Fellowship enables students and researchers to access different parts of the Middle East and Anatolia, to learn about archaeological practice in this region, and to interact with many cultures.  Our work and research today would not be possible without ASOR and without the support of its generous donors. Thank you again for the opportunities you have made available to us!” - Kyle Egerer and Peter Cobb, 2011 fellows

We’re asking for minimum donations of $25 but anything you can give is greatly appreciated. We need our members’ help, along with anyone else who wants to support archaeology, to meet our goal and support over fifty students this summer.

You can read more about the fellowships under the scholarships category on this blog, and more on the campaign on our website.

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