Help Shape A Person’s Career with ASOR’s March Fellowship Madness!

Today we are proud to announce the launch of an exciting new campaign to raise money for excavation fellowships! Every year ASOR gives out around 30 Platt and Heritage Fellowships to deserving students and junior scholars to defray the costs of conducting fieldwork in the Near East. This year the number of applicants for these fellowships more than doubled to 179!

While we have the funding to send 33 of our applicants to the field, we didn’t want to waste this opportunity to fund more deserving students. So, for the first time, we are conducting a public fundraising drive to raise money for 20 additional fellowships.

Can you donate $25 to help us send these students to the field?

To see how important these fellowships are, look through our blog posts and read what some of last year’s recipients did in the field. You can find all of last year’s entries under the ‘Scholarships’ category in our sidebar. You can also read more about this campaign on our main website.

Over the next three weeks we aim to raise $20,000 for fieldwork fellowships. Help us meet our goal today and support archaeology students!

One thought on “Help Shape A Person’s Career with ASOR’s March Fellowship Madness!

  1. This is great way to help qualified students participate in an archaeological dig. Many of the reports from past fellowship recipients are found on the ASOR Blog—please scroll through them to see how valuable these scholarships can be. I hope that you will join me in contributing to this worthy case.

    Andy Vaughn
    ASOR Executive Director

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