BASOR 363 (August 2011) available online for subscribers

ASOR is pleased to announce that BASOR 363 (August 2011) has been posted online at Atypon Link. This issue (and 4 years of back issues) is available to BASOR online subscribers and members who have chosen an online subscription as part of their membership.

You may access the table of contents for free here (members and subscribers will have complete access):

The issue contains articles by Sharon R. Steadman (“Take Me to Your Leader: The Power of Place in Prehistoric Anatolian Settlements”), Itzhaq Shai, Aren M. Maeir, David Ilan and Joe Uziel (“The Iron Age Remains at Tel Nagila”), and Eyal Regev “Royal Ideology in the Hasmonaean Palaces in Jericho”), and Benjamin Adam Saidel (“The Camera and the Pipe: Adjusting the Terminus Ante Quem of the Red-Slipped and Burnished Disc-Base Tobacco Pipes from Suba, Israel”).

The issue contains reviews by Edward B. Banning, Catherine Commenge, Louise Steel, Bill T. Arnold, and Pauline Albenda.

As a reminder, ASOR members who have chosen an online subscription receive the current year’s journals plus the last 4 years of ASOR journals as part of their subscription. For details on ASOR membership and how to get access to BASOR, JCS, and NEA, please see the following URL:

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