Archaeology Weekly Roundup! 10-19-12

Assyriancourtesy-ezinemark.comArchaeologists working in northern Iraq have discovered a new Assyrian site in the vicinity of the historic Arbil city center, the head of the antiquities office in the Kurdish Province of Arbil, Haydar Hassan, was quoted as saying in an Iraqi newspaper.

The Egyptian city of Alexandria, home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, may have been built to align with the rising sun on the day of Alexander the Great’s birth, a new study finds. Continue reading

Frank Moore Cross: An Appreciation


By Jonathan Rosenbaum

Frank Moore Cross, a giant in the field of biblical studies and the ancient Near East, passed away at the age of 91 on October 17,2012. In a field rich with polymaths, Professor Cross stood at the pinnacle for his seminal scholarship, pedagogic devotion, professional leadership, personal warmth and humor, and intellectual accessibility. His ongoing influence on the scholarship of Israelite history, the Dead Sea Scrolls, literary forms, text criticism, Northwest Semitic paleography, orthography, and epigraphy, and typographical methodology attest to the brilliance of his analyses. Continue reading