ASOR Survives the Storm

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This winter has been an eventful one. In Boston, where our main office is located, we’ve seen more than 100 inches of snow. Only 5.8 inches shy of the all-time record of 107.8 inches that fell in 1995-96! This is the snowiest month on record, the snowiest February, and the second snowiest winter in recorded history. With only a few weeks left till spring, we may still break that record – not that anyone in our office is hoping for that. We’re all ready for warmer weather.


Publications and Fulfillment Manager, Inda Omerefendic on her way to work.

In addition to the snow, this has been one of the coldest months ever, breaking the Boston record for most sub-freezing days ever seen in February. Between the snow and the cold, buildings have iced over, roofs have collapsed, and the public transportation system was temporarily crippled.


View of one of the frozen buildings behind the ASOR office.

Thankfully, our office has survived. With the exception of a short stint when our heat went out, all of ASOR’s dedicated employees have made it into the office to keep business going as usual through these cold, snowy times.

Sadly, there was an unfortunate incident. We came into work on February 18th, to be greeted by a wet carpet. Upon further inspection, we discovered a leaky pipe in the ceiling of the Archives storage room. The staff jumped into action, taking box after box of archival materials down the hall to the big conference room table, where we worked quickly to spread out the wet photos and papers. Luckily, only a few published photographs were ruined. Boston University Maintenance is still working hard to fix the leak.

Staff working hard to save archival materials.

Staff working hard to save archival materials. (Click here to see a recently-completed Archives project that was happily unaffected by the leak. www.asor-glueck.org)

Some have handled this winter better than others.

Benny, Selma and Inda's dog braving it in the snow.

Maggie, Selma and Inda’s dog braving it in the snow.

We look forward to the warm months in Spring and Summer, and will remember this cold, inconvenient weather when we complain about the heat.


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