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 ASORtv now has more than 45 videos available to the public for free. We will continue to upload great content throughout 2015. As we prepare to post more videos, let’s take a look back at the five most popular videos from 2014. What was your favorite 2014 ASORtv video? Let us know in the comment section below!

1. ASOR Members’ Advice to Those Just Starting Their Careers

At the 2013 ASOR Annual Meeting, we sat down with a few of our seasoned members for interviews. One of the questions asked was what advice they would have for people just starting out in the fields of archaeology, biblical history, and cultural studies. Here’s what they had to say.

2. Tel Hazor Bronze Age Photo Gallery

Here’s a gallery all the images that appear in Near Eastern Archaeology 76.2 (2013) for Hazor in the Middle and Late Bronze Ages.

3. Ask an Archaeologist: Dr. Emily Holt, Zooarchaeologist

Ask An Archaeologist we sat down with Dr. Emily Holt, Visiting Assistant Professor at Oberlin College.  Dr. Holt is an environmental archaeologist and zooarchaeologist who studies the Nuragic culture, which is the ancient culture of Bronze Age Sardinia, an island off the Western Coast of Italy.

4. Ask An Archaeologist: Episode 1

In this episode, students at BU gave us their questions for Professor of Archaeology and long time archaeologist, Andrea Berlin to answer.

5. Mehrnoush Soroush “Mapping Ancient Canal Systems in Khuzistan”

At the 2013 ASOR Annual Meeting, Mehrnoush Soroush presented her paper “Mapping Ancient Canal Systems in Khuzistan: A Critical Application of Site-Canal Association Technique.”

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