Palaces of the Mediterranean Bronze Age

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Every year at the ASOR Annual Meeting, the Projects on Parade Poster Session takes place. It’s an ideal opportunity to see the types of projects (both field and publication) that ASOR members are involved with.

This year, North Carolina State University graduate student Jesica Lewis presented her poster, “Palaces of the Mediterranean Bronze Age.” She aims to clarify the differences of Aegean and Mediterranean worlds by reviewing the archaeology and literary records associated with palatial systems in the Aegean and Near East.

Below is her paper abstract and a video of her talking about her poster.

The customary comparison between Mycenaean palaces of the Bronze Age Aegean and those of the Near East often leads to a general misconception regarding the nature, scope, and limits of palatial power in the Aegean. While the Mycenaean palaces certainly display connections to the Near East, such associations often obscure the unique differences of the Mycenaean systems in terms of their size, influence, and organization in the larger Aegean and Mediterranean worlds. This paper aims to clarify these differences by reviewing the archaeology and literary records associated with palatial systems in the Aegean and Near East. It shows that Mycenaean palaces operated on a much smaller scale than the major palatial societies of the Near East and that palatial society was an inherently unstable system within the environment of the Aegean.

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