Archaeology Weekly Roundup! 8-16-13

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If you missed anything from the ASOR facebook or twitter pages this week, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up this weeks archaeology news into one convenient post. If we missed any major archaeological stories from this week, feel free to let us know in the comment section!

Archaeologists Find Location of Major English Battle 

In 1485, Richard III died on the field during the Battle of Bosworth, the last major battle of the War of the Roses, which pitted the Houses of Lancaster and York against one another in a bloody civil conflict. READ MORE HERE

Oldest Gaming Tokens Found in Turkey

gaming-tokens-stonesArchaeologists excavating at the early Bronze Age site of Başur Höyük in southeastern Turkey have discovered a burial with what might be the oldest gaming pieces ever found. Led by archaeologist Haluk Sağlamtimur of Ege University. READ MORE HERE


Egypt’s archaeological sites and museums closed indefinitely

Due to the violence breaking out across the country, Egypt’s Ministry of State for Antiquities (MSA) has closed all archaeological sites. READ MORE HERE 

Curse of the Mummy

Researches have found the origins of the “mummy’s curse” superstition, and it was started long before the excavation of King Tut. READ MORE HERE

The Big Melt

With the high temperatures this year, snow on-top mountains in Norway is melting and revealing well preserved artifacts. Some from 3,400 years ago. Now, archaeologists are racing to find and save the emerging artifacts. READ MORE HERE

Hazor in the Tenth Century BCE

Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Amnon Ben-Tor talks Hazor in the 10th century and of the important discoveries made at the Hazor site. Brought to you by the Friends of ASOR. READ MORE HERE

Aerial view of the casemate wall and six-chambered gate (looking west).

Thousands of Artifacts Found in Silver Springs, Florida 

Archaeologists in Florida say Silver Springs could become one of America’s most historically significant venues. READ MORE HERE

Mayan sculpture discovered in Guatemalan pyramid

A Mayan sculpture has been discovered in a Guatemalan pyramid. Site director Francisco Estrada-Belli is one of Boston University’s own. And one of ASOR’s own staff members, pursuing her Ph.D., is studying the human remains from this site. READ MORE HERE

Words in the Sand: Discovering A New Monumental Latin Inscription at ‘Ayn Gharandal (Ancient Arieldela), Jordan

A blog post on what it’s like being at the site of the discovery of the inscribed stone. READ MORE HERE

Mystery dagger molds imply ancient links to northern China

TAKASHIMA, Shiga Prefecture-Ancient molds for daggers with a double-ringed pommel and a straight blade, which have no precedent in Japan or even the nearby Korean Peninsula, have been unearthed at an archaeological site in this western city, cultural property officials said. READ MORE HERE

2014 - 2015 Fellowhsips and Scholarships Released 

Looking for a Research Fellowship for 2014-2015? Here are three links to fellowships that will be offered by the American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT). Check them out.




Neanderthals May Have Invented Tools Still in Use Today, Say Archaeologists

Leather-working tools found in France indicate that Neanderthals were making tools before humans. READ MORE HERE

Historic hall gives archaeology lovers a chance to dig deep

Volunteers are being sought for a short programme of excavations in the gardens of the ancestral home of the Clifton family for more than 350 years, which will start next week and continue until the end of September. READ MORE HERE

DNA reveals details of the peopling of the Americas

The first people to settle the Americas had a distinctive genetic style, and additional waves of migrants added regional flair, a new analysis of mitochondrial DNA from Native Americans from Canada and the United States suggests. READ MORE HERE




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