Archaeology Weekly Roundup! 6-28-2013

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Mosaic showing Samson carrying the gate of Gaza, from the Huqoq excavations of 2013, directed by Jodi Magness. Photo Credit Jim Haberman

ASOR member Jodi Magness’ excavation at Huqoq has unearthed another mosaic featuring Samson. The mosaics, which consist of hundreds of tiny stone cubes, depict scenes from in the Bible and have been dated to the fifth century.

At ancient Babylon’s Ishtar Gate, Iraqi workers labour with a heavy saw, hammers, a chisel and crowbar to break up and remove a concrete slab that is hastening the structure’s decay. An American non-governmental organisation is attempting to restore the ancient city after it was damaged during the war in Iraq and the construction of Iraq’s former dictator Saddam Hussein.

The biggest Viking exhibition in 20 years opens in Denmark– and this time they’re angry. Recent peaceful Viking rebrands are smashed in a vast and bloodthirsty show. (more…)

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