Wrapping up at Tall al-Umayri

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By: Amanda Hopkins, 2012 Heritage Fellow
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A Hopkins 6

Amanda and other excavators in the cave entrance

Week Four and the end of this year’s dig:

As we continue our digging something very exciting happens- a white, hollow and crumbly residue is found clinging to the chisel marks. This is definitely plaster! The chiseling and plaster can be found on the ceiling and sides of the cave. Further chiseling is also found when looking at the natural dissolution features that trail off from the SE and Southern quadrants of the cave. One can clearly see how the natural fissures in the rock have been humanly manipulated into channels that bend upward and toward the surface of the earth. All this plaster and chiseling suggest that the cave had been manipulated into a cistern. (more…)

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1 Comments for : Wrapping up at Tall al-Umayri
    • Romel
    • December 27, 2012

    one of the excavations i ever work and see

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