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Here are some links to recent news from the world of Archaeology!

o   A new study suggests that foot morphologies gave Neandertals the advantage for power walking and early H. sapiens the advantage for running.

o   Research shows Croatia as a Neolithic hub for the spread of agriculture.

o   Earliest cemetery in the Middle East uncovered.

o   Digs in Germany uncovered ancient barley, likely malted during a Celtic beer-brewing process.

o   Linothorax armor may have been part of Alexander the Great’s success.

o   A new henge found by Stonehenge.

o   Byzantine church that may contain the tomb of prophet Zechariah uncovered in Israel.

o   Mosaics uncovered in the Byzantine church in Judean hills.

o   Church, perhaps mentioned in bible, discovered in Western Turkey.

o   China demands the return of “Secrets of the Silk Road” artifacts that would have been displayed at the Penn Museum.

o   Returned veterans find work in archaeology programs.

o   Egyptologists and Egyptian citizens fight to protect the Cairo Museum and other sites.

o   Tomb of Maya at Saqqara reportedly destroyed.

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